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How to Encourage Leadership Development in Young Adults

How to Encourage Leadership Development in Teens and Young Adults

When working with young people, it’s important to help them not only to cooperate responsibly with others, but also to take ownership of their actions and step into positions of leadership. This means preparing them to not only survive but thrive in the world once they set out on their own. It also means teaching them to view society’s problems through a problem-solving lens. Educating teens in good leadership sets them up to inspire their peers to follow their examples, too. That’s why Blog Iron Will has put together the following tips and resources to help build a healthier, more dynamic youth culture.

What are the qualities and skills of a good leader?

Good leadership comes in many forms, but here are some of the qualities you should expect to find in a leader.

● Good leaders take ownership of their decisions, including the ones that turned out to be not so great.

● Good leaders also communicate well with others.

● Good leaders have excellent organizational skills and manage their time well.

● Good leaders have respect for others.

● Good leaders are flexible and don’t feel they need to stick with a rigid plan.

● Good leaders practice self-awareness.

Why is it important for young people to acquire these qualities and skills?

Leadership skills are important for making good decisions that are relevant in one’s education, career, relationships, and community.

● Leadership skills are useful in a variety of different careers, as well as in everyday personal decision-making.

● People who demonstrate leadership have healthier relationships because of respect, communication, and responsibility.

● When people learn leadership skills it prepares them to solve problems in their communities as well as in their personal lives.

● Young leaders are better equipped to understand the challenges faced by other young people, and to help them find solutions.

What should one look for, when identifying potential leaders among young people?

All young people should be encouraged to develop leadership skills, no matter their temperament or aptitude, since the ability to lead when necessary is important for everyone. Here’s how to do it:

● Focus on the positive in young people, and encourage them to focus on the positive in themselves.

● Allow young leaders to take the initiative, even if you’re tempted to micromanage.

● Help young people understand the value of learning from their mistakes.

● Offer training when needed.

● Be a role model, not a boss.

● Consider an advanced degree in business to make you better prepared for a leadership role in a competitive field.

Helping young people discover their own innate leadership qualities can be deeply rewarding. You are making a positive impression that can last with them for years to come.

Blog Iron Will provides an open and honest, yet respectful space to encourage, connect, and inspire individuals to become more active and interested in reading. We’d love to hear from you!

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