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The Beauty of Traveling

Hello Everyone & Happy May!

As I ponder for ways to supply more active and engaging content, I recently come to the revelation that maybe photos and some quick stories about my recent travel adventures might be pretty cool!

In the last 3 years I have traveled to just about every major city in America. Those cities include:

Los Angeles, California

Houston, Texas

Atlanta, Georgia

Las Vegas, Nevada

Miami, Florida

Chicago, Illinois

Dallas, Texas

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Denver, Colorado

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Orleans, Louisiana

Seattle, Washington (in 2018)

Unfortunately, I have yet to retrieve a passport and travel abroad but that is most certainly in the plans . While being extremely thankful to be in the position financially, it gives me all the time to explore more. Interestingly enough, I used to be TERRIFIED of flying solely because of turbulence, it is safe to say my fears have mostly subsided, because there are some unnerving moments lol. I have family in Seattle and there was a time I chickened out on a flight I had already paid almost $500 for!

Fast forward to now and being at the airport and flying is one of the things I enjoy because it sets up the vibe of the very start of this new experience if it is to some where you never been! Traveling in America has shown me how different every corner of this country is and how we as people can come together even stronger to build stronger communities and a families. I truly enjoy being around new people and learning about them, their communities and backgrounds.

With this blog post, I will supply photos, short trip descriptions and/or commentating of said photo. I will also apply a few grades for certain aspects of the city and trip. I will start with my most recent trip just a week ago.

Please forgive me if some dates are chronologically of out of order lol.

I hope you enjoy!

New Orleans, Louisiana - May 2023

Touring Bourbon Street.

The French Inn Hotel views of downtown.

Always appreciated the way southern states implemented street names into the grounds and curbs.

Downtown New Orleans view live from Bourbon Street!

GEUAX TIGERS. (I spent 4 years as a kid growing up in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and went to basketball camp at LSU so I became a fan of all Tiger sports!

Views of the moon from the side of the Mississippi River.

New Orleans Grades

Food: A (always wonder if here or Houston wins a cook off lol)

Weather: A

People: A

Traffic: B

Denver, Colorado - April 2023

First time traveling here, arriving on 04-21-2023. This photo was taken leaving from the parking lot of the Denver International Airport. As a huge fan of Blue Moon beer, this was the main reason of coming to visit the place where it all started. After checking in to the hotel, I headed straight towards the Rino District for the Blue Moon Factory.

This photo is from the main street leading into the parking lot of the facility, they had great food as well!

Mountain views from my seat at the bar. I was too early for my hotel check in so I left to come back and spend more time here and right before closing it began to snow! Big surprise for me even in Denver lol.

This photo was taken headed towards the Colfax region as it had snowed about 12 hours straight the night before, snow evaporated very quickly the following day!

Leaving brunch at Mimosas, I took a stroll towards downtown. I love skyline views! Plus a mountain in the backdrop? One of the best sights the eye could ever see!

Brewery central in Denver! Forgot the name of this beer and place but it was great lol

This area of downtown gives you the view of the Broncos stadium to the right of this photo. This area is walking distance from Linger restaurant. This is the final photo to be shared from Denver. If you do not like being cold do not go in April lol.

Denver Grades

Food: B-

Weather: C- (last day there was nice lol)

People: A

Traffic: B+

Dallas, Texas - March 2023

Being born and raised from Baltimore, Maryland, the south's hospitality sticks out like crazy compared to our environment, being said, Texas has become maybe my favorite place to be in America when it comes to traveling. I have only been to Dallas this one trip! Sadly enough the Dallas thread will be short as I did not take a lot of photos.

This view is from a brunch spot that had some very good views and beer prices.

Riding around Dallas late night just taking it all in.

Dallas Grades

Food: B+ (Texas food never disappoints)

Weather: A

People: A+ (Texas people never disappoint)

Traffic: B

Houston, Texas - July 2022 & January 2023

First ever visit in Houston was July 2022 for a Manchester City game! Not sure where I was headed but this is one of my first ever photos from H-Town. Love a good sky line!

When I say Texas NEVER disappoints with food, I mean never. This is the Breakfast Klub and the line is usually very long most days. Chicken and waffles is one of my favorite meals when traveling lol.

Lobster, macaroni and chicken over rice at the Turkey Leg Hut. The line starts to stack up before the place opens!

Unfortunately, I do not recall the name or area of this place but this food was really great as well lol.

The real reason for my first trip to visit was for this! As Manchester City fan (team from England) and someone with no passport, I knew it would be no better chance than to go see the game at NRG Stadium. Here is my favorite player Kevin De Bruyne #17 and I was sitting on the end seat on the third row, this experience could not have been any better!

Houston - January 2023

My second trip to Houston was for my birthday and I caught this exit sign on my birthday which is 1-26 and that's the first letter of my name. Thought this was cool.

Still my birthday here with the jerk lamb chops with macaroni and asparagus. This meal was really amazing! One more food photo next because Houston does no wrong there lol. This was at The Address.

Fried catfish gumbo here at Kamp Houston.

Not sure of the area here but tapped into my realtor vibes I was enjoying these new builds.

It was a gloomy and rainy final day in town for me but here's one final sky line photo!

Houston Grades

Food: A+ (Texas food never disappoints)

Weather: B (for the rain)

People: A+ (Texas people never disappoint)

Traffic: B+

Las Vegas, Nevada - January 2023

Vegas was the first stop the same week of my birthday, check it out:

First night roaming the town, I wandered to the MGM, not much of a gambler maybe $60 maxed I gambled? Can't beat a good skyline! I picked Vegas during an off time because temperatures reached 35 degrees one night!

This was near The Cosmopolitan.

Early morning views from my 18th floor hotel room.

I walked at least 15 miles this day this is near Planet Hollywood. Interestingly enough, I met a Houston couple that recommended the place I got the jerk lamb in the photos above.

Closer view of the previous photo, really love the design and building structures here.

I also LOVE a good mountain view!

Las Vegas Grades

Food: C- (did not eat anything enticing lol)

Weather: C- (it was 35 degrees one night!)

People: B (met some cool people from LA)

Traffic: B (only drove via riding apps)

Miami, Florida - May 2023

First day in town, mimosas waiting for steak and eggs.

Caught a wonderful sunset leaving South Beach.

While feeling sacrilegious as a diehard Laker fan this was my first playoff game experience that I did not want to pass up. lol

After a peaceful bike ride, came out to take the views of the night.

Miami, Florida - October 2022

First night in town and got a great night time photo on South Beach.

It rained really hard this night but this steak and eggs was awesome.

Downtown Miami skyline from the beach.

Million dollar homes with restricted bridge access with their boats and yachts parked, great weather this night.

Riding around the University of Miami campus.

Miami Grades

Food: A- (South Beach has some great food)

Weather: B (I got sun burned for the first time ever on the second trip lol)

People: B-

Traffic: B

Atlanta, Georgia - October 2022

Lovely Atlanta view from a high rise parking garage.

Went on a refreshing nature walk.

At an exclusive party for Sonny Digital the music producer.

The infamous Cascade skating rink from the ATL movie, I did not get a chance to enter the building.

Atlanta Grades

Food: B+

Weather: A

People: A

Traffic: C

Chicago, Illinois - August 2022

Descending into Chicago.

Rooftop skyline views at night.

Seeing a beach along side a downtown skyline was crazy to me!

The water and views here were amazing to see.

Couldn't leave Chicago without getting a deep dish pizza and it did not disappoint!

Chicago Grades

Food: A-

Weather: B (great for this time of year)

People: B+

Traffic: B+

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - August 2022

It was a 90 minute drive from Chicago to Milwaukee and stopping at a brewery was a necessity.

May have been the best chicken and waffles I had in the entire country so far, I even ordered it twice lol.

Milwaukee Grades

Food: A (I ordered that chicken and waffles twice lol)

Weather: A (only there for a handful of hours)

People: C+

Traffic: B+

Los Angeles, California - October 2021

Just got off the plane headed to get the rental car in the city couldn't miss those mountains!

Downtown Hollywood

Made it to a home game in the last days before the Staples Center was no more!

In the house that Kobe built. (Staples Center)

Downtown city views from the mountains headed to Griffith Observatory Museum.

Another great shot from higher up, not too far from the summit.

At the top of the mountain behind the museum.

Right outside of Nipsey Hussle's The Marathon Store.

One of the refreshing and relaxing views from Venice Beach.

Los Angeles Grades

Food: B (decent places for food in LA of course)

Weather: A- (cold late and early sometimes lol)

People: A

Traffic: C-

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 2020

If memory servers correct this is where the Declaration of Independence was finished.

The Liberty Bell!

Right outside the LIberty Bell came to support Laker basketball.

This was the game LeBron James passed Kobe on the all time NBA scoring list and the night before my birthday and the death of Kobe Bryant.

Phillly Grades

Food: B-

Weather: B- (this northeastern weather is tricky tho lol)

People: B

Traffic: B-

Seattle, Washington - August 2018

The Space Needle!

The Space Needle from a distance at night.

Seattle Sounders Football (soccer) at the Seattle Seahawks stadium.

Seattle Grades

Food: B+ (the Pike Place Market and clam chowder is awesome!)

Weather: A-

People: B+

Traffic: B+

If you made it through, I once again hope you truly enjoyed me sharing my experiences and if I can answer any questions or concerns or ideas on how to improve or what to add, please reach out!

The next post will be about investing followed by a post about the next book we have prepared.

Thanks for all the support.

Peace. Love. Blessings.


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