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The Pedestal - A poem by Reginald Wright

The Pedestal

Where you sit, an interpretation

A logical step from an enchanting impression..guides the heart to a dire connection...

It dances with the forces of mind and jumps into the murkiest of binds...One that could’ve possibly transcended space time, but that’s indeed for another space and time...

If I held the lock that blocked all of the outside world then you ARE the key...

The one that frees...

the pedestal is meant to be a place for the blessings of SOURCE to be’s value presented and counted...

Because of the faith you inspire I conspire to move mountains...

Distractions on the external tend to produce fears, eventually tears...come down here

this way we can see eye to eye

Trying times can’t stop what is meant and sent by the divine

unless we let it of course

Can you see what the pedestal is?

not possession, it’s where we sit our pride, sometimes lies...

here I embrace GOD’S queen, the incredible...Shower you with love and the unforgettable caught up in staring, wondering if we can touch it

We forget to bring you closer, because we can’t properly love from a pedestal.

Come down from there...

Much better, we do it together

Written by : Reginald Wright Twitter: @regggmo

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