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Blog Iron Will's Introduction

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Hello World,

First I would like to begin by wishing peace, blessings, and love to you all that's going to be on this journey with me. I truly look forward to all reactions and responses from my readers and viewers. I would like to offer as much insight and education as I can while learning from my readers and viewers as well. My name is Brandon Williams, I am the sole owner and writer of this blog and wanted to do an introduction of myself and what one should expect when visiting. I was born and raised in the northwestern area of Baltimore, MD. I consider myself an honest and open person willing to discuss all forms of criticism. I will also be using explicit language which I believe does not diminish a speakers credibility or knowledge. My birth year was 1992, while my birthday just passed on the same day we lost the great Kobe Bryant. He's the best player I have personally seen in my lifetime (aka my G.O.A.T). He's the reason I watch basketball and support Laker Nation to this day. Sticking with the topic of my

birthday, the year 2019 was a pivotal birthday for a few reasons while age being none of the factors lol. Once the unknowingly and unexpectedly rather sad year 2020 was beginning to approach in the waning months of 2019 my mind began to fixate upon my birthday coming again and the things that ensued that week. So with that "cloud" approaching I began to feel and think differently about life. Therefore, beginning in November 2019, I challenged myself to begin reading at least 30 minutes per day. Which ultimately brings me to this site and position today.

My goal and hope is to produce content, thoughts and ideas I feel from the book that I'm currently reading in an attempt to persuade more people to read and engage in meaningful and life altering conversations, relationships and/or partnerships. Also, want to add a dab of investing in the stock market here and there. I began by reading 4 iBooks on the Apple iPhone which now I personally abhor lol. I prefer a physical copy! The very first book I read through and through while being focused and serious was The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, which was an excellent building block for me to begin to continuously read. I finished this book on 11/06/2019. I read 4 other books on my iPhone until I realized digital reading is not for me. One of the other 4 books included: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which is a common book talked about by the affluent, that I also suggest reading. The first physical book copy I read was Irrational Man by William Barrett, finished on 12/07/2019, which is of the philosophy sector. Obviously I like to keep track of when I finish my books lol. Fast Forward to the first month of 2021, I have just completed reading my 40th book since then. That book is the first one I plan to discuss in my first official post following this intro. That book is The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo.

I would like to conclude by acknowledging my credentials, or lack thereof lol. I did attend and graduate from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute from the years 2006-2010. I do have some college credits yet nothing beyond that to show for it. Therefore, once again, I am no literary critic or professor of the English language by trade, however I do have faith in my skills and mind to bring forward some great thoughts, posts, and ideas to any and everyone interested!

Look forward to connecting with everyone!

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